Bishop Moore Catholic High School

3901 Edgewater Dr • Orlando, FL 32804

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In order to prepare students for college and beyond, technology is used throughout a student's day at Bishop Moore to enhance learning. Bishop Moore was selected in March 2012 as one of twelve schools in the United States to win the "Innovations in Education Award" from Catholic Teacher Magazine.
TEAL (Technology Enhanced Active Learning) Labs
Bishop Moore is one of a handful of schools in the world using TEAL labs.  Technology Enhanced Active Learning Labs are modeled after M.I.T's labs.  We have several TEAL labs on campus where students are not only using state-of-the-art technology, but more importantly are collaborating with other students.  The best way to learn something is to teach it -- and students are doing just that as they solve problems together in Math, Science, Religion, Social Studies, World Languages and Language Arts. 
Students are experts at texting, but not necessarily experts in face-to-face communication. Learning in the TEAL lab allows students the opportunity to communicate with each other, gaining problem-solving and communication skills.
Teal Lab
One of the TEAL labs has glass walls used for writing and solving problems.  This is a favorite among students and teachers.
IPads, Tablets and More
In addition to the TEAL labs, Bishop Moore has many laptop carts, iPad carts and allows students to bring their own tablet into the classroom.  Students can research anything in an instant with our campus-wide wireless Internet. 

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