Bishop Moore Catholic High School

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Bishop Moore Catholic High School Philosophy

The philosophy of Bishop Moore Catholic High School is to offer the  finest possible education in today’s changing world by integrating the highest quality instruction with a deep concern for religious values.  Bishop Moore Catholic High School stands committed to the spiritual intellectual, physical, emotional and social growth of our students in an atmosphere of social awareness and service to others.

As a four-year institution, Bishop Moore Catholic High School aims to nurture and graduate an intellectually competent, ethically mature, physically fit, caring and self-disciplined student prepared to be a citizen of the world.

We believe all students can learn to become productive citizens in our society.  Consequently, Bishop Moore Catholic High School aims to provide a diversified curriculum in which every student can experience accomplishment and personal worth, and develop a clear vision of values.

We shall strive to employ and retain a faculty and staff that exemplify high moral character, possess appropriate credentials, demonstrate proficiency in their field of expertise, and professional work environment characterized by mutual respect that encourages development of the individual and innovation in education at all levels. 
Under The Pines

Parents, too, are essential partners in the process of Catholic education at Bishop Moore High School.  We thrive on parent involvement in school activities and challenge our parents to respond with generosity beyond the ordinary and commonplace.

Alumni, local parishes and the community at large are critical to our existence and the success of our students.  We thrive on their active participation and support.  We give back through our services to the communities of the world.

It is through the ongoing interaction of all constituent groups of the Bishop Moore Catholic High School community that we will successfully accomplish our stated mission.