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Academic Support Program


Bishop Moore Catholic High School recognizes each student as a unique individual created in the image of God and strives to provide all students with support needed to be academically successful, self-advocates, and faith filled life-long learners. 

We offer students support and services through the Academic Support Program. The program is comprehensive and collaborative, using a team approach to ensure that we provide students with the support needed to meet with success.


The Academic Support Program at Bishop Moore Catholic is designed to support students with learning challenges or students whom we have identified as having exceptional student needs. Academic support is available for all BMCHS students; however, only students meeting eligibility criteria established by the academic support team, and based on documentation, receive accommodations. 

Accommodations are adjustments to the way skills and concepts are taught and assessed, but do not change the learning standards or expectations. We create academic support plans for students eligible for accommodations. We expect all students to abide by the guidelines established in the student handbook and to meet the graduation requirements.


Services include:

  • Providing students with learning, study, test taking, organization, and note taking strategies through learning strategies and learning lab courses.
  • Providing support for students in designated science, math, and English classrooms using a lead and support co-teaching model.
  • Creating academic support plans indicating individual accommodations for students with documented disabilities.
  • An academic support team to monitor student progress and to serve as an advocate for students and a resource for teachers.
  • A learning lab 9th hour staffed with resource teachers.
  • Access to subject area teachers during 9th hour.
  • Peer tutoring and academic peer coaching


Accommodations are available for students with a documented disability. We will offer eligible students an academic support plan indicating reasonable instructional and testing accommodations. Accommodations may include:

  • Extended time for tests
  • Preferential seating
  • Assistive technology
  • Assistance with notes
  • Testing in an alternative setting


Documentation guidelines:

  • BMCHS follows the College Board documentation guidelines.
  • Must state the specific disability as diagnosed by an appropriate professional and be current (three to five years).
  • Must be educationally relevant, describe functional limitations, and include recommendations.
  • Documentation may be in the form of an IEP, service plan, private psychoeducational evaluation, or a 504 plan.

Academic Support Team

Carol Guthrie

Carol Guthrie
Ext: 235
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Robyn Baltar

Robyn Baltar
Testing Center Coordinator
Ext: 278
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Loida Bass

Loida Bass
Science Support Teacher
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Debra Schuster

Debra Schuster
Math Support Teacher
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