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The Moore Center for Excellence 

We are pleased to announce the dedication of the Moore Center for Excellence on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 6:00 PM. Bishop John Noonan from the Catholic Diocese of Orlando will bless and dedicate the building, surrounded by Bishop Moore Catholic High School administration, dedicated supporters, and special guests. 

“This is a turning point in the history of Bishop Moore.” President Thomas Doyle said. “The Moore Center is a mixed-use facility that brings together several aspects including advancement in athletics, an opportunity to achieve academic success, to host events with constituents, and bring alumni back to campus, back to their home.”

The original vision for the Moore Center started in 2015 after Bishop Moore football won the state championship. Members of the community came to football head coach Matt Hedrick and asked him what he needed. He felt that a weight room and locker room would help to meet the needs of the team.  As other members of the community, including Bishop Moore administration and the Board of Directors entered into this process, the project evolved to include 7 classrooms, a school store, a lecture hall, an event space, and much more.

The next step in making this building a reality was the development of a capital campaign. The Advancement Office developed the Building Moore Campaign and pulled together a leadership team including parents and alumni. This Leadership team engaged many other supporters to help raise the funds necessary to begin the building process. 

Eugene Damaso, Project Designer for the Moore Center shared “The mission of Bishop Moore was at the forefront of our minds when envisioning this space. You start to see the elements that reinforce the Catholic identity and faith in the details like the crosses in the brick, a scripture verse that inspires students in their daily walk.”

“The Moore Center will provide unlimited opportunities for our students,” said Dr. Erika Wikstrom Principal, “Education is all about change. It is all about ensuring that our students are prepared for the 21st century and the Moore Center for Excellence is going to provide that opportunity for our students.”