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Clubs and Activities

At BMC, students are encouraged to enhance their education through participation in extracurricular clubs,  performing arts/fine arts, and athletics.   A variety of opportunities are offered to students to discover their interests, develop new skills, foster new relationships, collaborate with peers that have similar interests, and serve the community.  



Art Honor Society

The National Art Honor Society was established in 1978 in the United States by the National Art Education Association for high school student’s grades 9-12 from the National Art Honor Society

Its purpose is to assist student members to attain their highest potential in all forms of art, and to raise awareness of art education throughout the school and community.

Member students are eligible to apply to the Charles M. Robertson Memorial Scholarship, a special four-year scholarship to the Pratt Institute's School of Art and Design in New York

Bishop Moore Students must be a Junior or Senior, have reached an honors level art course and maintain a gpa of 3.0 or higher. Students are required to accrue 16 hours or more of art related community service. All art related community service opportunities are promoted on the Schoology group page where the students volunteer

For more information, please contact Mrs. Jolie Spelman.

Bishop Moore Catholic Athletic Honor Society

The purpose and mission of the Bishop Moore Catholic Athletic Honor Society (BMCHS) shall be to create enthusiasm, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote scholarship, leadership, athleticism, and to develop and encourage academic and spiritual growth among Bishop Moore Catholic students. 

The Bishop Moore Catholic Athletic Honor Society believes that athletic success starts with education. The commitment to training, preparedness, and grace under pressure that athletes exhibit on the field is furthered by success in the classroom. 

Bishop Moore Catholic Athletic Honor Society recognizes, supports, and rewards high school student athletes, whom achieve excellence in the classroom and on the field of play. We encourage and promote good citizenship, sportsmanship, competition, moral character, and friendship among outstanding, academic and athletic achievers in high school. 

Membership requirements:

  • Must be a junior or a senior.
  • Must have participated in a Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) sport, currently offered at Bishop Moore Catholic, at the varsity level. 
  • Must have a minimum of a 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale.
  • $50 annual membership dues.
  • 10 hours of athletic related volunteer/service hours (over and above the hours required for graduation) per academic year of membership.
  • Attend one meeting per quarter (minimum of 4 meetings per academic year).

Please contact the sponsor, Ms. Kimberly Story, Loretta Hall 102, for more information. Schoology access code: 53JP8-W4CSB

International Thespian Honor Society
The name of this organization remains to be The International Thespian Society. The Troupe number 5628 will further designate the Troupe name. International Thespian Honor Society membership is open to all Drama Program members who accumulate ten Thespian points, provide 10 hours of theater related community service hours and participate in the two (Fall & Spring) current school year productions with a vote of the officers by two-thirds. Points ascribed to participation are based on the system published by the International Thespian Society, Educational Theatre Association and Program Director. Active & Current Thespian Members must maintain at least 5 points and 5 hours of outside Theatre related Community Service hours a year and participate in at least 2 Drama Club events every year in order to receive a Thespian Graduation cord their senior year. Can be earned annually or consecutively to equal the amount of years since they became a member to the Troupe. Miss Goley located in the ‘Dome’. For more information, contact Ms. Sarah Goley.  

La Société Honoraire de Français
The French Honor Society celebrates the scholarship in French language and culture. While there are requirements for membership, the basic thrust of the organization is the personal growth of the members through participation in academic competitions, tutoring fellow students, and experiencing the French culture first-hand.  For more information, contact Mrs. Astrid Francis.  

Latin Honor Society

The Latin Honor Society provides tutoring and connection for students studying Latin, as well as encouraging members to become involved in their community through service. For more information, contact Ms. Stacy Snelling.  

Math Honor Society - Mu Alpha Theta
Mu Alpha Theta members have been involved in many and various community service projects and math competitions. Mu Alpha Theta  concentrates its service primarily to peer tutoring of math students. Additionally, each semester its members provide a major community service project such as the Christmas party for the children of the faculty and staff.  For more information, contact Mr. Josh Hobart or Mrs. Annie Howell.  

Model United Nations (Hornet MUN)
Model United Nations (MUN) is an educational simulation in which students learn more about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations.  Members, known as delegates, will take part in conferences across the local area as well as around Florida and the US. At a conference, delegates will take the roll as a representative for a specific country or group in a particular body of the UN or comparable multilateral body.  Through participation, students will hone skills in public speaking, research, writing, and cooperation. In addition, participation in HornetMUN conferences throughout the year may help earn membership points for Rho Kappa at the discretion of Mr. O’Grady as well as NSDA points for those who participate in the speech and debate team. For more information, please contact Mr. Brian McAninch.

National English Honor Society
The National English Honor Society (NEHS) is an organization for high school students and who, in the field of English, merit special note for past and current accomplishments. Acceptance requires a 4.25 weighted English GPA in all honors and/or AP courses and a 3.8 unweighted overall GPA, plus teacher recommendations. Qualified students are invited to join in November and no application is necessary. Immediate benefits of affiliation are national recognition and scholarship eligibility. The BMC chapter has an annual book-fair, heads up partnerships with other organizations for literacy, and organizes and staffs the BMC writing center. Members who are active and participating can earn cords to be worn on graduation day.  For more information, contact Mr. PJ Metz and Mrs. Ines Gurley.  

National Honor Society
The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students.  NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.   Chapter membership not only recognizes students for their accomplishments, but challenges them to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service.   Download the application for NHS here. For more information, please contact Ms. Kay Bencen and Mrs. Kerri Hamilton.

National Speech and Debate Association/Bishop Moore Speech and Debate Team
The mission of the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) is to connect, support, and inspire a diverse community committed to empowering students through competitive speech and debate.  This honor society is available to all those at Bishop Moore on the speech and debate team regardless of grade level. NSDA is an honor bestowed upon those who have shown a certain level of dedication to speech and debate and who have demonstrated competence. As a team, Bishop Moore Speech and Debate refines skills for speech, debate, and interpretation events in preparation to compete in several tournaments across Florida and the United States. As a team, we will also participate in a community service endeavor every year that has a theme toward our team purpose.  To gain NSDA membership, one needs to accrue 25 NSDA points (Degree of Honor) through participating in officially sanctioned tournaments.  For those who wish to earn an NDSA honor cord for graduation, they will need to hold a GPA of at least 3.1, participate in a team sanctioned service project each year of membership, and earn 250 NSDA points (Degree of Distinction).   For more information, please contact Mr. Brian McAninch.

Quill & Scroll - Journalism Honor Society
Quill and Scroll's purpose is to encourage and recognize individual student achievement in journalism and academics. To be a member, students must meet all of the following:
a) Be at least a high school sophomore
b) Must have and maintain a 3.0 unweighted grade point average or higher
c) Enrolled and have produced superior work in Yearbook 1, Yearbook 2, OR Yearbook 3 Honors
d) Be recommended by the Yearbook Adviser (Mrs. Chwalisz)

e) Be in good standing both with discipline and attendance at Bishop Moore

There is a one-time initiation fee of $25, a $10 fee year to year for a new pin, and seniors are responsible for ordering their cords: $15. 

For more information, please contact Mrs. Helen Chwalisz.

Quiz Bowl 
This academic team competes in fact tournaments every year. We play in the Orange County Quiz Bowl Tournament and hold a tournament in late November for other Catholic high schools in the Diocese of Orlando. For more information, contact Mr. Joe Cimijotti

Rho Kappa

Rho Kappa is an honor society whose sole purpose is to honor excellence in the Social Studies.

To be a member students must have an unweighted GPA of 3.2. Junior prospective members must have taken at least 2 honors or AP Social Studies classes with the expectation they will be taking an honors or AP Social Studies class senior year, as well. Seniors must have taken a minimum of three honors or AP Social Studies classes while at Bishop Moore.

Member dues are $25.

To be considered an active member, returning members (seniors), starting in August, will be required to obtain 75 points. They can receive points (10 points) by attending monthly meetings, the third Thursday of each month. New members (mostly juniors, some seniors), that we will induct in October, will need 50 points by the end of May to remain in good standing. Other ways to obtain points will be during our MDA Shamrock drive in the spring.

As far as officers, we have a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, historian, chaplain, and hornet house representative.

For more information, contact our adviser, Mr. Paul O'Grady.  

Science National Honor Society
Juniors and seniors are eligible for membership in SNHS. Students must have maintained a 3.0 unweighted grade point average and be enrolled in at least one honors or upper level science class, maintain a 3.5 unweighted average across all science courses, attend one local chapter officer's lecture annually.  To download the application to join SNHS, click here. For more information, contact Mrs. Mary Grady.

Spanish Honor Society
The Spanish Honor Society recognizes student achievement in the Spanish and Portuguese languages and to promote a continuing interest in Hispanic and Portuguese studies. We send individuals who meet our strict criteria a letter of invitation.  For more information, please contact Mrs. Lorena Herbst.

Tri-M  Music Honor Society

The Tri-M Music Honor Society is a NAfME (National Association for Music Education) program that recognizes outstanding music students in high school. Tri-M activities include school and community involvement as well as music ensemble participation. Chapters invite qualified students from school musical ensembles to join the society. Members regularly are involved with community service activities, music enrichment events, and nurturing a more cohesive unified music program at Bishop Moore. Dues are $25. 

Description of the Honor Society: 

Tri-M is NAfME’s international honor society for middle/junior-high and high school students. This National Association for Music Education (NAfME) program recognizes students for their academic and musical achievements, rewards them for their accomplishments and service activities, and inspires other students to excel at music and leadership.

Students must have an overall 3.5 GPA and an  A average in their music classes, they must be currently enrolled in a musical ensemble and have completed 4 semesters of music classes in high school.  Mrs. Sarah Purser is the club sponsor.


Best Buddies
Best Buddies is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-on-one friendships and integrated employment. For more information, please contact Ms. Carolista Ware.

Cards of Kindness
Cards of Kindness is a community service club whose members create cards which are sent to children dealing with serious illnesses. We have been able to use our handmade cards to spread smiles, love, and joy to others dealing with difficult times. To date, we have created and shared more than 1,000 cards. We involve the school community by hosting “card event” days and invite students to write a note of encouragement and caring in the cards we have lovingly made. For more information, please contact Mrs. Sue Jackson.

Junior Civitan
This service club is tailored specifically for training young people to become "Builders of Good Citizenship" in the home, school, community, and nation through unselfish service to others and living the Golden Rule.  For more information, please contact Mr. Bill Shade or Mrs. Mariana Nadeau.

Liturgy Set-Up Club
This is a BMC ministry open to all students interested in planning and creating liturgy environments for the school Masses in the gym. This requires meetings before school to plan the artistic elements. We also meet on Mass mornings, construct the liturgy environment, and break it down after the Mass is finished. This is a spiritual ministry aimed at helping others pray and be drawn into the rites of the Roman Catholic Church. We focus on care for the Word of God and the Eucharist. For more information, please contact Mr. Peter Dionne or Mrs. Diana Tompkins.

Rho Sigma Phi
This club for is young women interested in serving their community and helping their environment, such as being in charge of the recycling program on campus.  

Bishop Moore's HOPE team brings human trafficking awareness to our school and community. We partner with community organizations by fundraising for their endeavors to fight human trafficking and assist survivors. For more information, please contact Mrs. Paula Steadman.

TEA Society
TEA Society (Teens Engaging in Action) is a student-based community service organization. Members strive to go beyond the confines of Bishop Moore and serve the greater community. Among others, TEA proudly works with the JMJ Life Center, Clean the World, Florida Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, the Winter Park Day Nursery, and the Orlando Museum of Art. For more information, please contact Ms. Jenn Connell.

The Guardians
Our club adopts local and international causes of interest to us and raises funds and provides volunteers for them. For more information, please contact Mr. Todd Lamb.   


CLUB NAME                                                                     SPONSOR

Aerospace Club                                                            Mr. John Timmes

Multi-Cultural Club                                                      Mrs. Loida Bass

American Sign Language Club                                     Mrs. Courtney Cannon

Art/Fashion Club                                                          Mrs. Jolie Spelman

The art club is a place where students can practice the arts and hone their individual skills. From mixed medium to water color and traditional oil painting, BMCHS high school students can find where their unique talents lie and explore new avenues of enrichment and expression. Art Club is open to any 9 -12 grade student interested in exploring art materials independently. Art Club also provide art service opportunities announced thru the club’s schoology page.

Best Buddies                                                                Ms. Carolista Ware

Little Buddies                                                               Ms. Carolista Ware

Beach Volleyball                                                           Mr. Brian Reim   

Cards of Kindness                                                         Mrs. Sue Jackson                                  

Chemistry Club                                                             Mr. Nick Eliason

Computer Programming Club                                       Mrs. Sharon Dearman

Drama Club                                                                   Ms. Sarah Goley

East Asian Culture Club                                                Dr. Cliff Roer

The East Asian Culture Club meets normally on certain Fridays of the month in order to celebrate East Asian cultures with Camaraderie, Music, Movies, Food, and a plethora of other options that are explored, embraced, and cherished.  You do not have to be of East Asian descent to enjoy the club.

Endangered Animals                                                    Mrs. Lucie Dempsey

Ecology Club                                                                Mrs. Lucie Dempsey and Mrs. Paula Steadman   


Extraordinary Ministers                                                Mr. Peter Dione

Fishing Club                                                                 Mr. Patrick Stallings

Forensics Club                                                              Mrs. Susan Madigan

Forensics club is for any BMCHS student who is interested in learning how science is applied to the law. We learn about fingerprinting, DNA analysis, crime scene analysis, criminal profiling, blood spatter and much more. We meet the first and third Tuesday of the month at 3pm in Loretta 101. Dues are $15/per student. Our projects support the National Center of Missing and Exploited children. 

French Club                                                                   Mrs. Astrid Francis

Game Hive                                                                    Mr. Jorge Haddock

Hippocratic Society                                                       Mrs. Mary Grady

Hornet House of Representatives                                  Ms. Jenn Connell

Hornets for Life                                                             Ms. Jenn Connell and Mr. Victor Sorondo

HUDL Club                                                                     Mr. Matt Hedrick and Mr. Ryan Fleming

Jazz Club                                                                        Mr. James Barker

Knitting/Crochet/Cross Stitch Club                                Mrs. Beth Miller

Las Avispas                                                                     Mrs. Madeleine Aiello

Latin Club                                                                       Ms. Stacy Snelling

Lend a Paw                                                                     Ms. Gina Bresnahan   


Make a Wish                                                                  Miss Katherine Kreuzkamp       

The BMC Make a Wish Club is a service club devoted to giving back to the Make-A-Wish Foundation through fundraising & involvement! This club is open to students of all grade levels and typically meets about once a month on Thursday afternoons. Join our club’s Schoology page to stay informed (Schoology access Code: MDZR9-W6SF8).                                                                         

Multicultural Club                                                          Ms. Lisis Alvarez and Mrs. Loida Bass

Patriot Club                                                                    Mrs. Sue Jackson

Peer Ministry                                                                  Mr. Peter Dione

Ping Pong Club                                                               Mr. Eric Moskowitz

Potter's Guild                                                                  Ms. Larissa Jour

Psychology Club                                                             Ms. Jenn Connell

Quiz Bowl                                                                       Mr. Joe Cimijotti 


Robotics                                                                          Mrs. Mary Grady and Mrs. Sharon Dearman   


Rowing Club                                                                   Mrs. Lorraine La Morte

Science Fiction/Fantasy Club                                         Mr. John Timmes

Sports Information Club                                                 Dr. Allan Knight

Table Top Club                                                                Dr. Cliff Roer     


The Table Top Club meets to play Role Playing games, Magic the Gathering, and/or other Dice or card based games determined by the club.  The club usually meets on Tuesdays but may change due to the nature of students’ busy schedules.   


Theoretical Physics Club                                                Mr. Rob McCall

Wounded Heroes Club                                                    Ms. Larissa Jour