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Community Service Information

All BMC, students are required to complete community service hours as a part of their academic and faith formation. All students are required to complete 25 hours of Community Service for each year they are at Bishop Moore Catholic. Student's Community Service must be completed at a non-profit organization. Students are advised to have no less than 50 hours by April 1st of their sophomore year and 75 hours by April 1st of the junior year. These requirements must be met in order to apply for a parking space in May before their junior year.

All community service hours need to be added online by using x2VOL link, which can be accessed by logging into Naviance Student. The x2VOL system is for students only. The link is not available under the parent’s login.


If you need assistance, please stop by the Guidance office or contact Ms. Skylar Morris at


Community Service Guidelines

  • All community service hours must be completed with non-profit organizations.
  • Any activities performed during the school day will not be counted as service hours.
  • Any club, band, choral, color guard, or athletic meetings do not count as service hours.
  • Any activity that is part of a class in which a student receives a grade can’t be counted as service hours.
  • Students attending mission trips will be able to use 8 hours per day of the trip as service.
  • All students must enter their hours into x2VOL in order for them to be verified/approved.

Creating an x2VOL Account

(The School Counselors walk the students through this process at the beginning of 9th grade. It only needs to be done one time.)
  1. Log into Naviance Student.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the homepage; click the x2VOL link (purple box).
  3. Type your student ID number.
  4. Type in all personal information using your BMCHS email address.
  5. Click “proceed.”
  6. At the bottom of the next page (the student registration page), click “proceed” again.
  7. Skip the “sign-in preference” section.
  8. Under “school group,” click your respective class year.
  9. Under “event notification,” click box in front of both “I understand” statement and in front of the “I am 13 years old” statement.
  10. Lastly, click “complete registration” and “close.”

Logging New Community Service Hours

  1. Log into Naviance Student click the x2VOL link (purple box)
  2. Click “Add Hours” under Common Tasks.
  3. Click “Create New” under My Activity Log.
  4. Complete by entering the correct information:
    • Activity Name - Enter the organization
    • Project Description – A description of what was done
  5. File -You may upload a copy of your community service form by completing either of the following methods:
  • Uploading a picture of the BMCHS Community Service Form
    • Click on "choose file"
    • Click the button marked "Upload". If the button is not clicked the file will not upload
    • If the form is uploaded you don’t have to turn it in to the office.
    • Keep the form for your records.


  • In the space provided, entering a valid email for your contact person who represented your service activity.

Community Service FAQ?

A copy of the community service form doesn’t have to be uploaded in the system if you have listed the email address of a contact person for the event. Your contact will be sent an email from the x2VOL system asking him or her to verify the completed service hours. He or she will have to respond to that email in order for your hours to be approved by BMCHS.


If you don’t have an email listed for your contact person, a picture of the completed BMCHS Community Service Form must be uploaded into your x2VOL entry in order for the hours to be approved.

Community service hours must be completed for non-profit organizations.

There is no limit to the number of organizations at which a student can earn service hours. All verified community service hours will count towards the Bright Futures scholarship program.

Service hour opportunities are announced to students through club organizations, on our daily announcements, and on our website.

Service sites may be contacted at any time to verify that the student did, in fact, perform the service as represented.

Yes, transfer students may use any service hours that were completed at their previous school. Documentation from that school will be needed in order for the Guidance Office to approve the hours.

Hours that are completed on or after June 1 immediately prior to starting BMCHS classes can be counted towards their service hour requirement.

Students’ x2VOL accounts will be able to be accessed once the academic school year has begun. Information and instructions will be given during the beginning weeks of school.

Participation in outreach activities and service club projects may qualify. Students will not be excused from classes to perform service work unless the event is organized through Bishop Moore (for example- Leadership Team, Campus Ministry, and Band).  Please contact the Guidance Office for clarification or approval.

Bishop Moore provides information about service opportunities, but it is the student’s responsibility to contact the individuals or organizations and arrange meetings and work schedules.

Within the Orlando area, Bishop Moore volunteers have developed an excellent reputation for being dependable and responsible volunteers. If a student makes a commitment to be at a particular place at an arranged time to do a task, the student needs to fulfill that commitment. Those who rely on others for transportation must take that into consideration when making a commitment. If a student is unavoidably prevented from keeping an appointment, the contact person should be notified well in advance and the service time should be rescheduled if possible.

Any questions regarding community service hours can be directed to Mrs. Robyn Baltar

You will receive an email from x2VOL immediately after any of your service hours have been denied. Please read the entire email, as the reason for denial is in the second paragraph.  Typically, the reason for denial is either there was no signed community service hours form attached, the contact person did not verify the hours, the hours were not completed with a non-profit organization, or the hours were performed during school hours.  All of these are stated in the Community Service Guidelines stated above.  

Looking for Volunteer Opportunities?

Advent Health Volunteer

Opportunities to serve include: Patient Units, Transportation, Wellness Center, Gift shop, Nutritional Services, Lab, Emergency Dept. leadership office.

How to Become a Volunteer: Must be at least 16 years of age
  • Register and complete New Volunteer Online Orientation
  • Gather required documents
  • Set up an interview
Teens United
Teens United is looking for volunteers. They have virtual volunteering opportunities in backgrounds of Graphic Design, Press Release, Finance, Web Design, and more. For more information you can email them at  or visit their website at
UCP of Central Florida
Looking for a socially distant way to give back to your community? Our campuses have some projects available that can be completed safely (beautification, planting, etc.)!
Groups can be as small as 2-3 people or up to 10-12. Gather your family or your office for a day of service. This could also be a great opportunity for teens looking to fulfill their community service requirements for high school or bright futures!
Email our Community Engagement Manager Rachel Cohen at to get involved! Make sure to include the number of volunteers and preferred campus, so we can get you all set to be a UCP Volunteer Hero.
Local Parishes
All Souls
(407) 322-3795
(407) 869-9472
Blessed Sacrament (Clermont)
(352) 394-3562
Blessed Trinity
(407) 277-1702
Corpus Christi
(321) 939-1491
Good Shepherd
(407) 277-3938
Holy Cross
(407) 438-0990
Holy Family
(407) 876-2211
Holy Redeemer
(407) 847-2500
Mary, Queen of the Universe
(407) 239-6600
Most Precious Blood
(407) 365-3231
(407) 322-3961
(407) 656-3113
St. Andrew
(407) 293-0730
St. Augustine
(407) 695-3262
St. Catherine of Sienna
(407) 344-9607
St. Charles
(407) 293-9556
St. Francis
(407) 886-4602
St. Isaac
(407) 249-0906
St. James
(407) 422-2005
St. John Vianney
(407) 855-5391
St. Joseph
(407) 275-0841
St. Margaret Mary
(407) 647-3392
St. Mary Magdalen
(407) 831-1212
St. Mary of the Lakes
(352) 483-3500
St. Maximillian Kolbe
(407) 275-0841
St. Patrick
(352) 383-8556
St. Philip Phan Van Minh
(407) 896-4210
St. Rose of Lima
(407) 932-5004
St. Stephen
(407) 699-5683
St. Thomas
(407) 957-4495
Sts. Peter and Paul
(407) 657-6114
Other Local Organizations
A Gift for Teaching
(407) 318-3123
Bishop Grady Villas
(407) 892-6078
Catholic Charities of Central Florida
(407) 658-1818
Clean the World
(407) 574-8353
College Park Main Street Association
(407) 392-1717
Covenant House
(407) 482-0404
Give Kids the World Village
(407) 396-1114
JMJ Pregnancy Center
(407) 839-0620
New Hope For Kids
(407) 331-3059
Orlando City Soccer Foundation
Orlando Science Center
(407) 514-2000
Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando
(407) 351-7722
Ronald McDonald House, Orlando
(407) 898-6127
Second Harvest Food Bank
(407) 295-1066
Shepard's Hope
(407) 876-6699
St. Luke's United Methodist Church
(407) 876-4991
UCP of Central Florida
(407) 852-3300
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