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Our Student Services office is here to ensure that your experience at BMC is exemplary in every way. The best way we know to do that is to keep lines of communication between home and school open to help guarantee that everyone knows what is expected of them.

Parents should utilize this email address to send notes, parking info, and other general tasks within our office. This account will send an automated reply stating receipt of your email. We check this account regularly during BMC school hours.

To contact us, please use the student services email.

Changes in Learning Style (Virtual or In Person)

BMC is offering the opportunity for students who started a quarter attending classes on campus to change to virtual classes mid-quarter. The request may only be made one time per school year unless there is an extenuating medical circumstance. (If so, please contact Nurse Smith for further information.) The request must be submitted no less than 7 calendar days in advance of the day the student wishes to attend classes virtually.

Please submit your mid-quarter virtual classes request after Oct. 12th using this form:

Mid-Quarter Virtual Classes Request Form

BMC is offering the opportunity for students who started a quarter attending classes virtually to return to campus, mid-quarter on selected dates only. The request may only be made one time per year and no less than seven calendar days in advance of the selected date the student wants to return to campus.

Please submit your mid-quarter return to campus request after Oct. 12th using this form:

Mid-Quarter Return to Campus Request Form



Attendance is vital to student success. When students are absent, they miss important content and class discussion that no amount of personal study can make up. Please try to schedule medical appointments and family vacations when school is not is session.

Our student athletes are representatives of Christ and our school. As such, we expect all athletes to conduct themselves respectfully and with good sportsmanship. Participating in athletics is a privilege and is conditional upon class participation (good grades and attendance). For more information, please visit our Athletics page.

Discipline Policy

We’ve built our discipline policy on the concepts of mutual respect and Christ-like lifestyle choices. Students not adhering to our policies and procedures (including dress code and attendance) will be subject to disciplinary action. We weigh and measure the discipline according to the behavior and circumstances of the event in question. Consequences of minor infractions might include after-school detention and/or Saturday school and school-wide chores. Repeated or major offenses may result in disciplinary probation (loss of privilege) and suspension.

Dress Code
Our dress code gives students the freedom to focus on academic and personal achievement rather than social standing. It includes white polo shirts with our logo embroidered on the front and black pants or BMC plaid skort. Families must purchase student uniforms through our approved vendor, Risse Brothers Uniforms. Students wear dress uniforms during liturgy and other designated events.

Field Trips
Parent permission forms must be completed and returned to the appropriate teacher at least 48 hours before a scheduled field trip. Field trips are part of the official school day at BMC, and as such are subject to the same rules and regulations including dress code, volunteer requirements, and attendance.


Parking is a privilege at BMC and reserved for officially registered vehicles only. To register your vehicle, visit the Student Services office and purchase a parking sticker. Stickers must be displayed in the student vehicle at all times. When you come to register, bring your driver’s license, a valid vehicle registration, and proof of current insurance. Seniors have first priority for our student-reserved parking spaces, followed by juniors.

Meet The Dean Team


Claudy Devilien 9th and 10th grade Dean of Students
Claudy Devilien is your newest Dean of Students and is committed to providing transformational leadership while building upon this positive culture. As Dean of Students, Devilien oversees the 9th and 10th males and plans on enriching positive social experiences for students while enhancing their learning and strengthening interdisciplinary collaborations.

Devilien has coached the Bishop Moore cheerleaders for more than 10 years, and being Moore has always been a cheer tradition. Before coming to BMC, Devilien was the director of the events and was a liaison for the FHSAA. Devilien earned a BS in Sociology at Southern New Hampshire University. He is a member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS).

Dean Devilien has a fond love of shoes, watches, and enjoys musicals. He has seen "Wicked" on Broadway, Chicago, Miami, Orlando, and London. His favorite bible verse is Isaiah 40:31. Dean Devilien can't wait to help you B-Moore.


Kathleen Kane,  11th and 12th grade Dean of Students

Dean Kane is the Dean for 11th and 12th grade students. While she is new to our team this year but not new to the field! She comes to Bishop Moore with over 20 years experience in education, 

A native of Upstate New York, she earned a Bachelor degree in Speech Therapy and Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY.  “I absolutely love going to work every day and being able to help students learn and grow.  I feel blessed to be able to partner with parents and staff to ensure each student feels safe, welcomed and loved while at Bishop Moore.”  Kane is passionate about helping students find their way in what can be a challenging time in their lives.  Matthew 7:1 – “Do Not Judge, or you too will be judged” is her philosophy when meeting with students and helping them stay on the right path.

Dean Kane loves the color pink, ice cream cake, and is not afraid to say she’s a Justin Bieber fan. She lives with her husband Ryan and their two teenage daughters, Abby and Natalie.


Tony Mehlich '03, 11th and 12th grade Dean of Students 

Tony Mehlich is the Dean of Students for the Upperclass who works with the administration team to help provide a safe environment for BMC students, faculty & staff.

As an Alumni of Bishop Moore Catholic, Tony believes in the environment that is provided for all students and hopes to implement his own positive experiences into the current student body. Those experiences have brought him back to Bishop Moore Catholic and the BMC Community.

Tony has worked at Bishop Moore Catholic for 7 years in many roles. He began as our communications coordinator, advanced to Alumni Director and finally as our Dean of Students. Mr. Mehlich is also known as "Coach" to many of our students, he is currently our Head Baseball Coach. "Coaching provides me with the opportunity to impact students' lives on and off the field. I love witnessing their success on the field, but when they graduate, attend their college of choice, and start families. Those are the moments that I enjoy seeing most."

Tony holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from Florida State University.

Tony is married to Nichole and father of two boys, Mason and Maddux. #ForeverSkinnerStrong #SpitStrong