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The 1: The Journey Defined

Coming off an incredibly challenging year, we at Bishop Moore Catholic rejoiced with the reopening of our campus, rebuilding of community, and welcoming of new transformative spaces, such as the Moore Center for Excellence. Along with new changes came new traditions. The Spirit Store, located within the Moore Center for Excellence, launched a new tradition: The 1. Inspired by our school’s Catholic values and our call to walk together on life’s journey, The 1 reminds us that we are not alone; in fact, strength in numbers is what makes our Bishop Moore Catholic community so special. As we reintegrate into the traditions and experiences of BMC, students, faculty, alumni, and parents alike are called to unite and wear The 1 on game days, retreat days, spirit days, and every day that reminds us why being a Hornet is a gift and privilege. This annual shirt will offer a new design each year to capture the focus and spirit of the upcoming school year.

The 1 2021 inception t-shirt is inspired by the resiliency exhibited throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic and the call to reunite the community. Whether it’s through academic conferences, athletic events, ministry offerings, alumni reunions, art performances, or other occasions that promote togetherness, the BMC family is poised to rise above and hold each other accountable. Our Hornet hexagon motif and overall design idea takes on the look of a superhero logo—one who accomplishes good for the benefit of all.  Proverbs 27:17 is printed on the back, embodying a reminder to us that we are only as strong as those who walk beside us and motivate us to strive for excellence, a confirmation of this year’s Diocesan theme Made in God’s Image.

The 1 2022 design is an unquestioned follow-up to the inception t-shirt. As the only Catholic high school located in Orlando, Bishop Moore Catholic serves as a beacon for Catholic education and a leader in this thriving city. Orlando, The City Beautiful, possesses a diverse culture of experiences and opportunities for both tourists and locals to appreciate. Bishop Moore Catholic stands proudly on its Christ-centered values and aims to impact individuals from all surrounding Orlando communities. The Dome, our iconic building on campus is situated at the center of the shirt purposefully. 1 Corinthians 12:12 exalts our call to walk humbly with God, acknowledging that while we all individually have a unique path, together we are united under the same mission. We are proud to be one, just as BMC is proud to be the one and only Catholic high school in O-Town.

The 1 2022