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Fingerprinting Process

In order to complete the necessary fingerprinting process for BMC, please follow the two-step process below. If you have any questions, contact Denise Robertson, at 407-293-7561, ext. 344.



1) Go to the internet and type in:
2) Click on the Safe Environment box on the right-hand side. Choose English or Spanish.
3) Click on Register and Begin Safe Environment Training.
4) Fill in the boxes for First Name, Last Name, email address, user name, password, verify password, last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, and enter Bishop Moore Catholic for the school. Write down your user name and password as you will use it again in the process.
5) Click on the Register box.
6) Watch the video.
7) Click on the arrow on the lower corner of the screen to see the first question and to begin the test. One question will appear at a time. Click on the arrow button again to see the next question.
8) If you pass the test, print your certificate and bring it to Denise Robertson in the Main Office.
9) If you fail the test, you may watch the video and take it again.
10) Safe Environment Training must be completed every time you renew your prints.

1) In Section 2. Fingerprint Registration click on “follow this link to register for fingerprinting with”.
2) Click on “Schedule an Appointment”. Sign up as New User. Complete prompts.
3) Click on “I know my Fieldprint code”. DO NOT use drop down arrow box.
4) Enter the appropriate code for Bishop Moore. Be very careful to select the correct Applicant Type (Employee, Vendor, Volunteer) as this cannot be changed after the registration has been completed. Employee: FPBMSchoolEmp Vendor: FPBMSchoolVendor Volunteer: FPBMSchoolVol
5) Set up the appointment date, time and location.
6) Payment must be made online via your credit card.
Fingerprinting registrations will not work on an iPad or smartphone. You must use a personal computer. If you experience technical issues while registering, please contact Fieldprint Customer Support at (877) 614-4364 or Make sure you write down your username/password. You will need it if you need to make changes or reschedule your appointment. Please note there is a rescheduling/missed appointment fee of $12.50 that Fieldprint charges.