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Black & Gold Brigade

If you were to explore the hallway outside the band room doors you would find a well lit display case overflowing with trophies and memorabilia. Each item has a story and reflects a legacy of excellence left by dedicated students and faculty dating back to 1960. Lining the walls are pictures of those students, shoulder to shoulder in various uniforms of black and gold. Each one a testament to those that came before them.    

Bishop Moore Catholic High School has a long standing tradition of community and the band program has always been a part of that experience. Concert band performances are always educational, moving, and emotional events as they share the evenings with the amazing Bishop Moore Concert Choir. Our marching band has traveled and entertained audiences from Savannah, GA and Washington D.C. to New York City, and across the pond to Dublin, Ireland. They are frequent participants in numerous community events and parades in and around Central Florida. Multiple winners of the Regional Marching Band Competitions at The University Classic, The Grenadier Invitational, the Space Coast Island Classic, and the Tournament of Champions.  Currently, they are the reigning Division 3A Champion. Come to a BMC Football game on a Friday night and listen for Mr. Manchon's announcement .... 

"Keep your seats ladies and gentlemen and prepare for the sights and sounds of The Bishop Moore Catholic High School Black & Gold Brigade.”


Contact Information

Mr. James E. Barker
Band Director
407-293-7561, ext. 274

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