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Our Mission, Vision, & Educational Philosophy

Vision: Guided by our Catholic Tradition, Bishop Moore Catholic High School students will develop personally, spiritually, and intellectually to achieve their potential as individuals and leaders within a global society.

Mission: The mission of Bishop Moore Catholic High School is to provide the highest quality, affordable secondary education based upon the Gospel message and Roman Catholic teachings.  This is accomplished in a Christ-centered environment stressing academic excellence, spiritual growth, personal integrity, community involvement, athletic development, and cultural appreciation.


Our Philosophy

We believe all students can learn to become productive citizens in our society. Consequently, BMC aims to provide a diversified curriculum in which all students can experience success, discover their personal worth, and develop a clear value system. 

We aim to nurture and graduate intellectually competent, ethically mature, physically fit, caring, and self-disciplined students who are prepared to be successful citizens. But we know we can’t accomplish this alone.

At BMC, we thrive on parental involvement and count on alumni, local parishioners, and community members for our existence and the success of our students. As a way of saying “thank you,” we encourage our students and staff to give back to our community through their personal service.

Our History: A Legacy of Faith

Bishop Moore Catholic High School has a rich legacy of faith. Dating back to the mid-1800s and the inception of the Catholic church in Florida, our first bishop, John Moore, advocated for quality in both education and doctrine. Since our founding in 1954, BMC has endeavored to build on the foundation of faith he left us by serving the families of our community with excellence and compassion.

Bishop John Moore

Born in 1835 in Ireland, John Moore immigrated to the United States as a teen. John settled in South Carolina with his sister, where he enrolled in seminary and earned a doctorate degree in theology. After being ordained in Rome in 1860, Father John served in the Diocese of Charleston before being elected the second Bishop of the Diocese of Saint Augustine in Florida. While in Florida, Bishop Moore purchased land for the first three Catholic churches in the Orlando area. He spent much of his time caring for the sick and recruiting priests and parishioners to grow the newly founded Florida church.

Sisters of St. Joseph

The Sisters of Saint Joseph are a congregation of religious women who work to alleviate conditions that cause poverty, suffering, and oppression in our community. Since 1954, the Sisters have supported BMC through staffing and volunteerism.

Sacramental Life

The Eucharist is "the source and summit of the Christian life" (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1324). As such, Christian spirituality flows from the Eucharist as light streams from the sun. We need its Light to grow; it is our nourishment and strength.

The Eucharist is the summit to which our actions are directed. In the Eucharist, Christ is ever-present, continually giving Himself to us. We, in return, come to Christ, presenting our lives as a gift on His altar. One way we do that is through serving in the liturgy and our community. For more information or to get involved, please contact our Campus Ministry office.