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Incoming 9th Grade Students Applying To BMC


Application Process for 2021-2022 School Year

The application process consists of completing the online application and the submission of academic and health records. If your child is a student at one of our diocesan partner schools, you may authorize Bishop Moore Catholic to receive these documents directly by submitting a request for records release form to your current partner school. For those students coming from another school, please submit academic and health records from sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.  

If a student has a documented educational learning plan, IEP, 504-plan, or a pertinent psychological or educational evaluation, we ask that you submit these documents along with your academic and health records.

If you will be applying for a PLSA, Step-Up, or McKay Scholarship, please submit a copy of your student’s Social Security card.


Application Checklist for Diocesan Partner School Students

  • Complete online application ($100 application fee)
  • Submit request for records release form to your partner school
  • Submit any documented educational learning plan or pertinent psychological or educational evaluation 


Application Checklist for Students Attending a Non-Diocesan Middle School

  • Complete the online application ($100 application fee)
  • Submit copy of birth certificate
  • Submit copy of shot records and health form (DH680, DH3040)
  • Submit academic records for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade to-date, including any standardized testing results
  • Submit any documented educational learning plan, or pertinent psychological or educational evaluation


You can supply these documents in person, upload during the application process, or via email to Michelle Vazquez at If your child is receiving a McKay scholarship, we will need to see a social security card for the person responsible for signing him/her up.