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Steps to Participate in BMC Sports

In order to participate in the athletic programs at Bishop Moore Catholic High School, each athlete MUST register/create a profile on You are able to select more than one sport at the end of the registration process; please select all sports that your student plans to tryout or participate in the coming school year.

After completing this process, an athletic profile for your student will show up in the FHSAA Home Campus website for our athletics administrators to review. EL3 signatures need to be electronically filled out (total of 22) and saved. Three documents need to be uploaded:

  1. EL2 form: is the actual physical form that the physician completes when your child gets their physical and that should be uploaded in your Athletic Profile. This athletic physical makes your child eligible for 365 days from the date of the physical exam. The physician's signature and the date of the exam must be on the 2nd page of the EL2 form. You can print this form in the BMC website/Athletics/Eligibility Forms. NO OTHER physical form is accepted. You can go to your physician to complete this form or you can go to a CVS/Walgreens/BMC Physical Night/Centra Care/Urgent Care, etc. taking this printed form and have a sports physical. Unlike Orange County Schools no EKG is mandatory at BMC, unless the physician deems it is necessary and therefore results should be submitted, too.
  2. Insurance Card: upload photo of front and back of card.
  3. GA4 form: you will need to submit it in the additional forms if your child is a transfer student as a 10th or 11th grader.

Please feel free to contact Alex Senior for any questions to (407) 293-7561 Ext. 250 or