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The Art Halls are very lonely without anyone able to appreciate the talented works of our Art students. So, our art teachers decided it would be nice to host a Virtual Art Show. Please enjoy the videos and slideshows with compiled art from all the various classes. We invite you to click on the links, below, and enjoy!

2D Virtual Art Show (Click Link to view)

Pottery Virtual Art Show (Click link to view)

Digital Art A & B Virtual Art Show

Fine Arts

BMC offers students a multitude of ways to express their creativity.   Through offerings of art courses of varying mediums, art clubs, and the opportunity to compete at local art festivals, BMC fosters a culture of the arts.   We celebrate our students artistic abilities through our fall and spring art shows.   Student's work is proudly displayed in the art hallway.   


Fine Arts Newsletter

Read all about the exciting work taking place in our Fine Arts Department and see some of the showcased work.

Contact Information

Jolie Spelman
AP Art, Advanced Art, 2D Design Teacher
Larissa Jour
Pottery Teacher
Rachel Meyers
3D Design and Pottery Teacher
Helen Chwalisz
Creative Photography & Digital Art A & B
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