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The Bishop Moore Catholic Theatre Department


BMC Theatre's Production of Footloose has been delayed until further notice

Thank you patronage, we hope to move the date to June and your tickets will be accepted at that time when the show does happen, we are doing the same days of the week so it will just transfer to that specific Thursday production.


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BMC has a rich tradition of theatre.   Students have the opportunity to participate in theatrical productions in the fall and in the spring.  Students involved in theatre can serve in a variety of roles including set design, costume design,  prop design, acting, light design, and sound design.   Theatre students also take part in district and state level competitions.  


The mission of the Theatre Program remains to provide professional development and events for students interested in stage performance, stage lighting, set design, costume, and construction. The Theatre Program remains an equal opportunity for anyone with an interest in any aspect of theatre. Students have the opportunity to be trained in the areas of stage management, acting, dancing, singing, and all the technical aspects of theatre. Every aspect and facet of a production remains equally important for true success, meaning there are so many different ways to contribute and be involved. Bishop Moore Catholic High School focuses on theatre education in order to create community, ignite passion & imagination, and foster discipline. Our ultimate Theatre Program goal aspires to produce creative and professional quality theatre in our local community with a Christ-Like centered environment to bring beauty to the stage. Events include Fall Play, Spring Musical, Annual and Regional Shakespeare Monologue Competition, Districts Festival including a One-Act, State Thespian Festival, Monthly Potlucks/Parties, and End of the year Theatre Gala! Miss Goley located in the ‘Dome’.