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Class Retreats

Class retreats give our students the opportunity to trust in God's grace and discover who they are through the teachings of the Catholic church, scripture, and the sacraments. Each class has their own day of retreat including reflection, fun and prayer. 

Please stay tuned for updated information regarding retreat. 

Additional Retreat Opportunities

At BMC we offer a unique approach to helping students encounter Christ in their everyday lives. By recognizing small communities who already exist around common interests (arts, music, sports teams, etc.) we developed individualized retreats which allow these groups to encounter Christ while deepening bonds with each other. Depending on the needs of the small community as well as the schedule of the Campus Ministry team, some of these retreats occur during a portion of the school day. Although the absence is excused, students are required to make up any work missed. These retreats have proven to be a great way to strengthen trust in God while recognizing the best in ourselves and others.