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Easy Access to Information for 2020-2021 School Year


Bishop Moore Catholic employs a college-preparatory that consists of the state-required courses for graduation, theological studies, and a wide variety of electives.   Our curriculum is designed to foster academic and spiritual growth and to promote students becoming leaders in their worlds of influence.   


The curriculum of BMC is designed for student success at the post secondary level.   It exceeds the requirements of the Florida Department of Education requirements and employs inter-disciplinary techniques that helps student integrate what they are learning into their daily lives.   

2020-2021 Curriculum Guide (download pdf)

2020-2021 Curriculum Guide (flip book)

Core Classes

Placement in core classes is based on student entrance exams,  previous transcripts,  and teacher recommendation.   As part of our graduation requirements, students must take the core classes along with religion classes.  


Students at BMC are expected to take electives as part of their graduation requirements.  Electives offered include fine arts, music, physical education, technology, the sciences, world languages, and publications.  

AP Courses

Qualified students may seek to participate in AP classes BMC.   By enrolling in one of the 25 AP courses offered and fulfilling the requirements of the Moore Scholar, students may graduate with an honors diploma.   BMC consistently outperforms both the state of Florida and the nation for AP pass rates.   See the Curriculum Guide for a complete listing of AP courses and the requirements for enrollment.  

SEL (Social and Emotional Learning)

SEL curriculum is provided each Tuesday during homeroom. While some classes are attending Mass, others are participating in the SEL curriculum. The purpose of SEL is to provide students with resources and opportunities of reflection that will help them become more wholly themselves. 


Technology is infused in the curriculum at BMC.   Student textbooks are completely digital.   Technology is integrated in student learning, from research, to student productivity, to assessments.   

BMC Writing Center

The BMC Writing Center is open Tuesday and Thursday from 2:50-3:30 p.m.  

The Writing Center is a center for growth and learning for all BMC students of any level.  

The BMC Writing Center specializes in:

Brainstorming topics
Research techniques
Formatting papers
Structuring lab reports
Organizing writing
Grammar lessons
Improving essay skills
Increasing written test response skills

All tutors at the testing are BMCH seniors in good standing with the National English Honor Society, Rho Kappa, or the National Science Honor Society.  

*Note:  Our tutoring services are to increase student skills and abilities.  Students are assisted in the creation of a piece of writing and guide them through the writing process, grammar and spelling rules, however no editing of papers will occur.  

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