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 Good afternoon Parents,

The Administration and the facilities team have worked diligently to create as safe an atmosphere as possible for your children. All maintenance staff have been trained through the Diocesan Office of Risk Management on proper cleaning protocols and use of disinfecting equipment.

All members of the Bishop Moore Catholic Family can help us create a safe environment. We all must look out for our brothers and sisters. This includes maintaining a safe environment at school and away from school. Students who do not maintain social distancing out of school create an unsafe environment when they return to school.

I need your help. We need to make sure the students understand their responsibility to each other and the BMC family as a whole.

As we continue to keep our campus open, we must address how to socialize safely. Teenagers, for the most part, need to socialize. However, since we are in a pandemic we need to discuss each student's responsibility. Here are some expectations:

Attend planned on campus events in person and/or virtually. Programs sponsored by BMC or recognized student groups will utilize the health and safety protocols developed by the CDC and the Diocese of Orlando.

Engage outdoors whenever possible. Off campus, you should strictly avoid indoor spaces where individuals are not wearing masks or observing physical distancing. Students should not go to gatherings where people are not wearing masks and physical distancing.

Gather in small groups. Mask and physical distancing guidelines must be observed. Indoors and outdoors, physical distancing is important.

Avoid large or crowded indoor groups. For example, students going to a party on the weekend could be unsafe if others do not follow CDC guidelines and social distancing. When the students return to school on Monday, those students could create an unsafe environment for others.

As we all work together in this new environment, these expectations of student conduct during the pandemic will be added to our regular standards of conduct. Students involved in unsafe gatherings, whether on or off campus, or who display a persistent disregard for our health and safety practices in academic or campus settings may be sent home to learn virtually and may be subject to disciplinary action.

Thank you for helping your children to understand and adhere to these requests. The safety of the BMC family is our priority. We must all do our part.

In Christ,

Thomas Doyle


Bishop Moore Catholic High School