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Who We Are

We employ highly qualified staff who exemplify Christ-like character and encourage the development of our students through mutual respect. Our amazing team members work together to create an atmosphere of excellence and innovation at Bishop Moore Catholic High School. 

You can direct all general inquiries to our school’s main email address, However, if you need to get in touch with your teacher, please use the information below.

Contact Us

Main Office/Front Desk:     

Admissions Office:             

Advancement Office:            

Athletics Office:                        

Attendance/Student Services:    

Campus Ministry:                     

Finance Office:                         

Guidance Office:                  

Student Center:                      

407-293-7561, Ext. 200    

407-293-7561, Ext. 262     

407-293-7561, Ext. 264

407-293-7561, Ext. 250    

407-293-7561, Ext. 292

407-293-7561, Ext. 261

407-293-7561, Ext. 227

407-293-7561, Ext. 239

407-293-7561, Ext. 275

BMC Administration

Thomas Doyle
407-293-7561, Ext. 264
Vito Mazzini
Assistant Principal
407-293-7561, Ext.  



Dr. Erika Wikstrom
Interim Principal
407-293-7561, Ext. 231
Marvin Snyder
VP of Advancement/Assistant Principal 
407-293-7561, Ext. 349

Amanda Livermore
Vice President of Mission Effectiveness
407-293-7561, Ext. 233
Yvonne Toro
Assistant Principal
407-293-7561, Ext. 242

Student Services (Dean of Students)

Matt Gorden (11th & 12th grade Dean)
407-293-7561, ext. 244
Kathleen Kane (11th & 12th grade Dean)
407-293-7561, ext. 334

Kristy Belden (9th & 10th grade Dean)
407-293-7561, ext. 246
Tony Mehlich (9th & 10th grade Dean)
407-293-7561, ext. 238
  Name Title Contact
Anthony Aarons Aarons, Anthony Campus Ministry
Nancy Abbey Abbey, Nancy Academic Support Staff
Madeleine Aiello Aiello, Madeleine World Languages Teacher
Sherrie Alderman Alderman, Sherrie Religion Teacher
Angela Baldwin Baldwin, Angela Counselor
Annette Baldwin Baldwin, Annette Finance Assistant
Robyn Baltar Baltar, Robyn Guidance Administrative Assistant
James Barker Barker, James Band Director
Loida Bass Bass, Loida Academic Support Teacher
Kristy Belden Belden, Kristy Dean of Students
Kay Bencen Bencen, Kay Language Arts Teacher
Dave Boehm Boehm, Dave Student Services Attendance Assistant
Ana Borges Borges, Ana World Languages Teacher
Gina Bresnahan Bresnahan, Gina Language Arts Teacher
Lisa Brogan Brogan, Lisa Mathematics Teacher
Luisa Buck Buck, Luisa World Languages Teacher
Courtney Cannon Cannon, Courtney Sign Language Teacher
Dayra Castro Castro, Dayra World Languages Teacher
Helen Chwalisz Chwalisz, Helen Yearbook/Graphic Arts Teacher
Joseph Cimijotti Cimijotti, Joseph Social Studies Teacher
John Coil Coil, John Technology
Kristy Colligan Colligan, Kristy Assistant Athletic Director
Jennifer Connell Connell, Jennifer Social Studies Teacher
Winifred Cook Cook, Winifred Mathematics Teacher
Mimi Costa Costa, Mimi Finance Assistant
Monica Cowart Cowart, Monica Executive Assistant to the Principal
Nicole Crane Crane, Nicole
Lisa Crespo Crespo, Lisa World Languages Teacher
Micah Davis Davis, Micah Physical Education Teacher
Sharon Dearman Dearman, Sharon Information Systems Manager
Lucie Dempsey Dempsey, Lucie Science Teacher
Theresa DePrinzio DePrinzio, Theresa Academic Support Teacher
Thomas Doyle Doyle, Thomas President
Kimberly Driver Driver, Kimberly Finance Assistant
Ralph Duwell Duwell, Ralph Fr. Ralph Duwell, Pastor
Nicholas Eliason Eliason, Nicholas Science Teacher
Ashley Ell Ell, Ashley Director of Campus Ministry
Genevieve Fable Fable, Genevieve Advancement Graphic Designer
Ryan Fleming Fleming, Ryan Social Studies Teacher
Astrid Francis Francis, Astrid World Languages Teacher
Emily Funston Funston, Emily Social Studies Teacher
Nikia Gallozzi Gallozzi, Nikia Academic Support Teacher
Michael Geelan Geelan, Michael Religion Teacher
Amy Geltz Geltz, Amy Safety Coordinator
Mike Gerhart Gerhart, Mike Advancement Associate for Athletics
Sarah Goley Goley, Sarah Language Arts/Drama Teacher
Matthew Gorden Gorden, Matthew Dean of Students
Mary Grady Grady, Mary Science Teacher
Anita Gros Gros, Anita School Counselor
Ines Gurley Gurley, Ines Languate Arts Teacher
Carol Guthrie Guthrie, Carol Director of Academic Support
Jorge Haddock-Morales Haddock-Morales, Jorge Mathematics Teacher
Tom Hage Hage, Tom Mathematics Teacher 407-599-3999
Kendall Hall Hall, Kendall Language Arts Teacher
Matt Hedrick Hedrick, Matt Physical Education Teacher 407-361-3719
Tammy Helenthal Helenthal, Tammy Language Arts Teacher
Gina Helms Helms, Gina Receptionist
Eric Hennes Hennes, Eric School Counselor
Kathy Henriquez Henriquez, Kathy Science Teacher
Joshua Hobart Hobart, Joshua Mathematics Teacher
Annie Howell Howell, Annie Mathematics Teacher
William Hubbard Hubbard, William Social Studies Teacher
Melissa Iglesias Iglesias, Melissa Science Teacher 407-293-7561
Julio Irizarry Irizarry, Julio Technology
Ruthven Jackie Jackie, Ruthven Religion/Music Teacher
Susan Jackson Jackson, Susan Social Studies Teacher
Kammie Jarvis Jarvis, Kammie Mathematics Teacher
Larissa Jour Jour, Larissa Art Teacher
Kathleen Kane Kane, Kathleen Dean of Students
Shirley Kennedy Kennedy, Shirley School Counselor
Katherine Kreuzkamp Kreuzkamp, Katherine Language Arts Teacher
John Kuhlman Kuhlman, John Religion Teacher
Todd Lamb Lamb, Todd Social Studies Teacher
Lorraine LaMorte LaMorte, Lorraine Language Arts Teacher
Jenny Ledon Ledon, Jenny Science Teacher
Allison Lehnen Lehnen, Allison Mathematics Teacher
Amanda Livermore Livermore, Amanda Vice President of Mission Effectiveness
Rachel Luckenbill Luckenbill, Rachel Language Arts Teacher
Heather Lusher Lusher, Heather Mathematics Teacher
Sarah Luter Luter, Sarah Administrative Assistant to the President
Susan Madigan Madigan, Susan Science Teacher
Mike Malatesta Malatesta, Mike Director of Athletics
David Manchon Manchon, David Director of Admissions
Gracie Mazanec Mazanec, Gracie College & Career Specialist
Vito Mazzini Mazzini, Vito Assistance Principal
Brian McAninch McAninch, Brian Social Studies Teacher
Robert McCall McCall, Robert Science Teacher
Anthony Mehlich Mehlich, Anthony Dean of Students
Philip Metz Metz, Philip Language Arts Teacher
Rachel Meyers Meyers, Rachel Art Teacher
Beth Miller Miller, Beth Technology Coach 407-293-7561
Curtis Miller Miller, Curtis Permanent Substitute Teacher
Eric Moskowitz Moskowitz, Eric Social Studies Teacher
Morgan Mylod Mylod, Morgan Mathematics Teacher
Earl Noffsinger Noffsinger, Earl World Languages Teacher
Paul O'Grady O'Grady, Paul Social Studies Teacher
Arthur Ordona Ordona, Arthur Technology
Mary Jane Pack Pack, Mary Jane Computer Science Teacher
Alexandra Padula Senior Padula Senior, Alexandra Athletics 407-293-7561
Michael Panico Panico, Michael Religion Teacher
Sherryl Perez Perez, Sherryl School Counselor
Adam Pridemore Pridemore, Adam Language Arts Teacher
Mary Pryor Pryor, Mary Academic Support Teacher
Sarah Purser Purser, Sarah Music Teacher
Brian Reim Reim, Brian Media Center Assistant
Kenny Rios Rios, Kenny Substitute
Denise Robertson Robertson, Denise Executive Assistant to the Principal
Clifford Roer Roer, Clifford Religion Teacher
Linda Sawyer Sawyer, Linda Assistant Athletic Director
Maria Scarabino Scarabino, Maria Director of Instruction
Debra Schuster Schuster, Debra Academic Support Teacher
William Shade Shade, William Religion Teacher
Joseph Sharkey Sharkey, Joseph World Languages Teacher
Stacy Snelling Snelling, Stacy World Languages Teacher
Marvin Snyder Snyder, Marvin Vice President of Advancement
Victor Sorondo Sorondo, Victor Religion Teacher
Nichole Spates Spates, Nichole Advancement Data Mgmt Assistant
Jolie Spelman Spelman, Jolie Art Teacher
Denise Sprenkle Sprenkle, Denise Executive Assistant to Principal
Patrick Stallings Stallings, Patrick Social Studies Teacher
Paula Steadman Steadman, Paula Social Studies Teacher
Kimberly Story Story, Kimberly Science Teacher
Linda Tatum Tatum, Linda Science Teacher
Marcial Thomas Thomas, Marcial Religion Teacher
John Timmes Timmes, John Religion Teacher
Diana Tompkins Tompkins, Diana School Counselor
Yvonne Toro Toro, Yvonne Assistant Principal
Marcea Ustler Ustler, Marcea Media Center
Mary Van Anda Van Anda, Mary Director of Guidance
Jeany Vasquez Vasquez, Jeany Advancement Database Manager
Michelle Vazquez Vazquez, Michelle Admissions Administrative Assistant
Donna Walden Walden, Donna Receptionist
Carolista Ware Ware, Carolista Science/Physical Education Teacher
Andrew Weed Weed, Andrew Maintenance
Joan Wheeler Wheeler, Joan Finance Director
Mark White White, Mark Social Studies Teacher
Susan Wofford Wofford, Susan Mathematics Teacher
Raymond Wynne Wynne, Raymond Science Teacher
James Yarbrough Yarbrough, James Associate Athletic Director
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